Easy Autos, North Dublin specialise in fuel efficient Hybrid engine cars direct from Japan. We are one of Irelands largest importers and have become very popular amongst the taxi industry. The most popular car of choice has been the Toyota Prius. We have over 50 Toyota Prius in stock at any one time. We have become very well-known through word of mouth for our ‘24hr Turnaround’ striving to minimise any downtime during the changing of vehicles.

All our cars come with English Dash Translation as standard. We can also provide ‘Tech Packs’ which removes all Japanese this includes radio, reverse camera, sat nav, bluetooth and steering wheel controls. All cars are serviced up to date and come with taxi NCT. Cars before handover can be delivered to your Meter Supplier for stickering, Meter or Roof sign installation.

This means you can work your old car all the way up to the Suitability Inspection allowing you to earn all the way into the new car with no disruption.

When you are working a Hybrid, you are in Eco/ Electric mode 50% of the time. Taxi drivers are telling us they are now saving up to 2/3rd on fuel and are fresher after a shift due to the seamless change in the CVT gearbox.

We also provide verification of mileage through Auction sheets and Car VX reports which also provide a detailed history check. We have become very well known for the condition of our cars also as we only have cars that are grade 4 upwards. Easy Autos are your one stop shop for Hybrid Cars having the best quality at the most competitive prices in Ireland.


  • No need to plug in – self generating!
  • Up to 30% better fuel efficiency!
  • Average 30% less maintenance costs!
  • Low emissions – better for you, your family, your future!
  • All cars come sgs ready!Serviced and warrantied