One of Irelands largest stockist of used hybrid and automatic cars we are in Collinstown industrial estate in Santry Dublin, opposite Dublin Airport.

Owner of Easy Autos Philip has been in the motor trade for many years. He is a direct importer from Japan and has imported hundreds of cars into Ireland over the last couple of years. Philip was brought up in the motor trade, his dad been a motor mechanic who also retailed cars and ran a very successful breakers yard for many years in their own yard where they lived. Philip says he has been around cars his life. As a young man he developed a love or more like an obsession for cars. This is when he knew it was inevitable that career path was in the motor trade. At the age of 24 he set up his own business. He went over to japan, met a car agent and brought in his first few imported cars into Ireland in 2005. He has been back and forward to Japan many times. He has sold hundreds of Japanese cars in Ireland.

When the recession hit Ireland unfortunately he had to diversify himself from Japanese imports. He kept his business open though and imported uk cars. He retailed Irish and uk cars. In recent years Philip noticed a gap in the market for small automatic and hybrid cars. Excited to reunite with his Japanese colleagues in 2015 Easy Autos was set up, specialising in small automatics and hybrids cars. It has turned out to be very successful! Easy Autos has an extremely good name for the condition of their used cars. Each car is handpicked by Philip and checked by his agents on the ground in japan. Philip is very particular himself and he will only retail cars that are in immaculate condition and of the highest grades. Some cars are like brand new.

Easy Autos has become very popular amongst the taxi industry for the condition and quality of their cars. They also provide an excellent service to the taxi industry alone.

Easy autos welcome and predicts that eventually we will all be driving electric cars. It’s a little bit away yet as the infrastructure just isn’t here yet in Ireland, but hopefully will be soon. Hybrid cars are like the stepping stone to a more efficient, greener cleaner environment for this island of Ireland that we all love.