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We are one of Irelands largest stockist of used and second hand hybrid and automatic cars. We are located in unit 28, Collinstown Cross Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin. opposite Dublin Airport. Ideally located for motorists in North Dublin.

We specialise in Hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are becoming very popular in Ireland as people are becoming more conscious of fuel consumption. The most popular family hybrid car of choice has been the Toyota Prius and Honda insight. The Toyota Prius is very popular amongst Taxi Drivers who wish to drive a HybridEasy Autos have an extremely good name for the condition of our cars and for the service we provide to our customers. We are also very competitive with our prices as we import our own cars ourselves. All our cars come with a car history, fully serviced, NCT and warranty.

So what is a Hybrid car? Why switch?

A hybrid car has a petrol/Diesel engine, you fuel a hybrid car like you would fuel any other car but the magic of a hybrid car is that it is assisted by an electric motor. This motor assists the engine meaning you use less fuel therefore it emits less emissions while also self-charging its own battery. We specialise in hybrids. It is that easy – you just fuel it and drive it like you would any other car, while saving on your pocket and most importantly helping with the environment. Because CO2s are low your car tax is also low.

A hybrid is even more beneficial to drivers who are driving in the city, people who are in traffic a lot or for people who may have to drive a little bit slower (such as on country roads, constantly stopping and starting) – because of low speed and increased breaking, this means more electricity is used and less fuel.

This does not rule out people who are less concerned about fuel consumption for buying a hybrid car for i.e our Toyota Prius Hybrid these are an ideal family car. They very spacious inside, they have a generous boot hence why they are so popular with taxi drivers and Hybrid cars in general are an absolute dream to drive they are so smooth. They are robust and reliable. Also low on road tax.

We are still very aware that people are not familiar with hybrid cars so please don’t hesitate to give us a ring if you have any queries at all!.. even the silly questions are welcomed? We have a friendly team here to answer your questions about anything and guide you to  the right car for you.

  • Up to 30% better fuel efficiency
  • Low emissions-better for you, your family ,your future!
  • Low on tax
  • Reliable